The Orielles Release Cosmic New Album!

Happy album release day to The Orielles! The quartet from across the north have just dropped their stunning second album Disco Volador via Heavenly Recordings to a host of positive reviews.
Their wondrous album follows an alluring and exciting space theme that’s intertwined with pure 80s power pop disco tunes. Returning to Stockport’s Eve studios with keysman Alex Stephens now adding texture through his classically trained know-how, they re-joined engineer Joel Patchett, and producer Marta Salogni (Liars, Björk, The Moonlandingz) who worked on their 2018 debut Silver Dollar Moment. Drummer Sid Dee Hand Halford commented on the recording process, saying “All the influences we had when writing this record were present when we recorded it, so we completely understood what we wanted this album to feel like and could bring that to fruition. This is the sound of where we are at, right now.”
Their most recently released sugary single ‘Space Samba (Disco Volodator Theme)’ closes the 10-track collection with flair. Speaking of the song which has regularly featured on Radio 6, vocalist Esme Dee Hand Halford said “‘Space Samba’ is a song about corporeal experience, something which we feel we are collectively losing sight of in an age of mental existentialism! It is the ‘Disco Volador’ theme because it relates to the phenomenological thread of the whole album, which tackles the many interpretations of the title throughout. In this instance, it refers to Disco Volador’s literal translation of ‘flying disc’ or ‘frisbee’, using this symbol to reflect both feelings of flight and motion and the notion of human connectivity.”
Clash rated Disco Volador 7/10, stating “The Orielles are the antithesis of the February blues. So, if you’re in the mood to get summer started ahead of schedule, let this little ray of sunshine into your life.” Pop Matters also complimented the band on how it’s a “thrift shop of sounds – samba, post-punk, funk, dream pop, and nods to both 1990s alt-rock and acid-house” yet still “fresh and optimistic, the sound of a band having a blast splattering their record collections through your headphones.”
Check out the cosmic wonder that is Disco Volador below!

The Orielles will be performing at NBHD Weekender on Saturday 23rd May!