Confidence Man


Every agony has its equal and opposite ecstasy; pleasure to pain, nectar to brine, feather to leather — and all are held in the belly of the beautiful beast that is Confidence Man. Ponytails higher than the heavens and moxie turned up to the max, indomitable force of the cosmos Janet Planet, cavorter-in-chief Sugar Bones and their enigmatic, beatmaking bandmates Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild are life’s sublime push and pull poured into hotpants, primping, pumping and bumping their way (and yours) to a god damn good time.    Like 2018’s Confident Music for Confident People, the Melbourne foursome’s second album was always going to be self-penned and produced — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — but also called for a fresh approach; a reangling of perspective. Partially inspired by time spent hanging out in the studio with certified Con Man fans Gregg Alexander [of New Radicals], Simon Carmody and U2 producer Andy Barlow, TILT is built on a newfound philosophy: Think less, do more. “Gregg would suddenly lay down verse, chorus, the whole song, and it was all off the top of his head” explains Janet. “We realised: we’ve been thinking about things too much, we just need to go off the cuff.”