Welcome to
The Neighbourhood

Our Neighbourhood within a Neighbourhood, this area combines reality with ridiculousness as various artists immerse you in a fun, unique experience. In partnership with Warrington Arts Council we have lots going on!


The Neighbourhood Inn

Visit The Neighbourhood Inn for a quick pint, and in the backroom with Greenbank productions we have Air Guitar Workshops – brand new for 2022! Air Guitar workshop is a stage orientated presentation where two performers “teach” air guitar techniques to pre-recorded classic rock tracks played by the venue. It is interactive and volunteers from the audience are encouraged and abused. Each workshop lasts 45 minutes with three types of guitar playing investigated, bass, rhythm and lead.


Silent Disco in the Library

There’s also a silent disco in The Library with Ludovico – be careful though, sing too loudly and the librarians will have something to say.


Inflatable Church

Join together in unholy matrimony and tie the knot at the Inflatable Church (courtesy of The Inflatable Church Events)