We would like to introduce you to The Neighbourhood, our alternative entertainment space!
The spectacular onsite village encapsulates innovative art and street theatre as well as live DJ sets within local establishments The Neighbourhood Inn and The Corner Shop.
Stay tuned to find out what shenanigans will be taking place in this interactive, bespoke music and theatre exhibition, guaranteed to take your Neighbourhood Weekender experience to the next level…

The Robbery:

There’s been a robbery at The Neighbourhood Inn and the till has been emptied.

Look out for the below characters in The Neighbourhood during your weekend!

Inspector Malaprop

Thinks he’s Sam Spade.[The Bogart one]….. and cool with it …at least in looks…
He is very inept, clueless even. Thinks he’s funny and that everyone listens to him, but unfortunately talks absolute tripe.
He’s prone to malapropisms and is constantly corrected by his new assistant PCSO Sergeant Bythebook…
How he is an inspector is unknown and he won’t talk about it
How he even finds his Police Station is a mystery to him and others…oh…and he’s a good dancer!

PCSO Sergeant Bythebook

Bored corner shop assistant by day. …PCSO officer by Night!

Timid myopic shop assistant turns into an Overbearing PCSO Sergeant…in front of Malaprop’s eyes as he’s interviewing her! She enjoys being a Sergeant and becomes her true self and revels in the rules which she carries on her and refers to when necessary. All sorts of local bye laws as well. She continually corrects Malaprop’s language and whenever he rushes off following the suspect’s trail… she will lead him in the correct direction, when he arrests an innocent suspect she will release them. She will gradually get more and more exasperated. She wants to make the arrest and slap on the handcuffs herself but has to help the moronic inspector get his man. Despite his best efforts.

Gerald Semidetached …The Robber

Disappointed lifer grey bank clerk living in a semi detached with 2.4 children and a shrew wife, who terrorises him. Escapes on Thursday evenings to “pilates” but only goes to The Neighbourhood Inn to secretly moon over his secret love, one of the hostesses. Sylvia. He has robbed the money from one of his employer’s, The Neighbourhood Inn for her, so they can run away and be together in Rio. He hasn’t told her though. They haven’t actually ever spoken…or met! Actually he doesn’t really speak at all. But he has left her a note.

Sally Vane – Hostess

She’s currently wearing inappropriate evening wear that’s a little too tight and a little too cheap .And, too much lipstick. Perhaps she’s a little bit too old for the “hostessing” game? She doesn’t think so…lover! She found a note at The Neighbourhood Inn last night/ early morning from Gerald Semi-Detached…and has realised that he’s the loser guy who moons over her at the club and also must be the same guy who robbed The Neighbourhood Inn…and he’s on the run with money he’s stolen for her.

Characters provided / designed by Greenbanks Productions

Interactive Entertainment

Interactive entertainment can be found throughout the site this year, courtesy of Fool’s Paradise. There will be three acts performing around you will be Lollipop Patrol, The Gossips, and Crimplene Crusaders.

Lollipop Patrol (Curious Cargo)

With excessive enthusiasm and a slippery grip on reality, the Lollipop Patrol is here to help and hinder in equal measure. These two are full of self-importance and will take any opportunity to escort an unsuspecting passerby or bring things to a standstill in order to form a safe walkway. They are the 64th emergency service holding up the luminous hand of the law. Experience their traffic-trauma, delight in their neon neurosis, and cross them at your peril!

The Gossips (Juicy Titbits)

This ‘Carry On’ double act is sure to have you in stiches as 50s style housewives Vi & Vi fill you in (ooo-er!) on all the gossip. Full of jokes, double entendres, wacky props and terrible make-up, these two will make sure you don’t miss out on any of the latest news from the street.

Crimplene Crusaders (Vamos Theatre)

These octogenarian upholders of moral values are out and about with one thing on their minds: to keep standards high. The campaigners will keep a firm eye out for any slouching, texting, or hand-holding, making sure that good old-fashioned values are championed. On very special occasions, however, they may be persuaded to let their hair down and demonstrate some unrivalled disco moves to their favourite modern music.

Fool’s Paradise is an international street performer agency that specialises in the weird and wonderful. The eclectic roster of acts they champion are known for their unpredictable live music, unruly comedy, striking walkabouts and engaging storytelling. Over their 20+ years, they’ve arranged fun and original performances are many shows and festivals across the globe, including Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, Women of the World (9x), Derby Feste, and now Neighbourhood Weekender!


  • Saturday – Lollipop Patrol, The Gossips
  • Sunday – Crimplene Crusaders, The Gossips