Welcome to
The Neighbourhood

Our Neighbourhood within a Neighbourhood, this area combines reality with ridiculousness as various artists immerse you in a fun, unique experience. Visit The Neighbourhood Inn for a quick pint, or head to The Corner Shop and dance to the biggest hits while the DJ throws out complimentary sweets, crisps and treats. There’s also a silent disco in The Library – new this year! Be careful though, sing too loudly and the librarians will have something to say.

Elsewhere, giant pigeons have entered the Neighbourhood and will be a nuisance throughout the day. Meanwhile, construction workers on Neighbourhood Lane will provide some major inconveniences.

There’s also a scent of crime in The Neighbourhood, with Inspector Malaprop chasing a dangerous robbing duo. With the investigation getting away from him, he’ll need your help providing clues via The Neighbourhood’s telephone box. Elsewhere, you may become the target of a secret undercover poker game – be careful out there, there’s a lot going on!