Tommy Lefroy

Saturday 28th May 2022

Imagine a twinning combination of the pop sensibilities of Taylor Swift and the indie rock charm of Phoebe Bridges and you’ve discovered the Tommy Lefroy sound. Formed by a songwriting bond that crosses state lines and global land masses, Tommy Lefroy is the collective name for songwriters Wynter Bethel and Tessa Mouzourakis. A duo who seem to have a sibling-like songwriting connection with a unique sound that sparks emotion like few others.

Tessa met Wynter in Nashville, Tennessee. The two immediately felt the nudge of kindred spirits, and continued to cross paths at songwriting rounds and house parties before finally connecting, both burnt out on the endless almost of the songwriter scene, to start telling stories of their own. Wynter slid into Tessa’s DMs to propose forming a group in response to her cover of a boygenius track, Ketchum, ID. They soon formed Tommy Lefroy, named after Jane Austen’s alleged love interest and original 19th century fuckboy, Thomas Langois Lefroy. Playfully hiding under the guise of Tommy, Wynter and Tessa capture care-not independence in their lyrics and an do-all approach to their creative process. A journey that has led to the duo being tipped for greatness by Earmilk, The Line of Best, PopMatters and Under The Radar, BBC Radio 1.