The Lathums


Driven by the pure flow of euphoric pop, laced with intricate, dewdrop guitar lines, shoulder-bop-beats and the voice of an angel, The Lathums have lit a fire under the British live music scene and the long-time-coming resurgence of streetwise indie. Gently and ably led by singer-songwriter, Alex Moore, a 21-year-old with a soul slow-aged by books and life’s unpredictable turns, fans have rushed and held tight to The Lathums’ tall tales of romance in the ranks of the French Resistance, mythical villains and Gen-Z survival amidst the tumbling waves of a digital age.

Seemingly out of nowhere, from a place largely off the map, The Lathums’ skilled ways with prose-filled, indie-dancefloor bangers, equated by critics to Arctic Monkeys, The Specials and The Smiths, meant there was a band that, finally, fans could put their faith in. When they reached for The Lathums, the band wrapped arms around them and now neither is letting go. Moore is joined in The Lathums by Scott Concepcion (guitars/keys/vocals), Ryan Durrans (drums/vocals) and Jonny Cunliffe (bass).