Saturday 28th May 2022

Kynsy is the solo project of the 23 year-old Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Ciara Lindsey,

Cementing her place as an artist on the cusp of a breakthrough 2021, NME included Kynsy in the NME 100 with “Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State” at number 1 in the NME 100 playlist, and Dork added her to their influential Hype List for the year while Nialler 9 included her as one of the best new acts of 2020.

Kynsy’s louche, almost rakish delivery is half world-weary lounge singer, half astute soothsayer. Moving from the metallic lurch of a nightclubbing Iggy Pop to the icy cool of St. Vincent and the futurism of Julian Casablancas, Kynsy has constructed her own world, one with a playful juxtaposition between the warmth of pitch perfect pop melodies and the stinging realism of her lyrics.