Taxis – Essential Information

The drop off area for all taxi vehicles is Sir Thomas Boteler Grammar which is operating a dedicated pick up / drop off point to ensure taxi’s do not get held up. This has a postcode of WA4 1JN, please ensure your driver has this postcode.

If you are pre-booking a taxi from the festival please use the above information.

Know the difference:

Private Hire Vehicles need to be pre-book by telephone or app to collect you. It is unlawful for a private hire vehicle to take you unless you have booked them in advance.  Private hire vehicles are identifiable from the council licence plate on the front or back of the vehicle and the driver will be wearing their ID badge.  

Please ensure you ask ‘what the fare will be’ when you make the booking, if you are happy to accept that charge you have entered into a contract and it cannot be altered when you are collected.  It is advisable to get quotes from different companies to ensure you are fairly charged.

Hackney Carriage Vehicles can be found at any one of the ranks in the town centre or at either railway station. They are clearly identifiable with the word TAXI on the roof, a council licence plate on the front or back and the driver will also be wearing their ID badge. It is a legal requirement that the meter showing the fare is turned on immediately your journey commences.  The meter must be used throughout the journey regardless of whether you accept a pre-agreed fare before the journey commences. A pre-agreed fare must never be more than the meter reading.

If in doubt about a fare get a receipt from the driver, note the drivers ID badge number and vehicle registration / licence plate number.  To report concerns about a taxi email