You don’t need to be a big George Ezra fan to have heard of his chatty podcast George Ezra & Friends. With guest spanning from legends Elton John and Sir Tom Jones to Neighbourhood artists Slaves and The Vaccines, this podcast has seen (or heard, rather) George travel to his guests’ homes to have an informal chat and bring out a whole new side to some of them. Now with the British Podcast Awards coming up later this month, this is your chance to get it some more recognition!

George Ezra & Friends began in February last year, starting with Ed Sheeran as his first guest. The casual recordings have been praised by the likes of The Evening Standard, who said “Ezra is an enthusiastic, ebullient host, a puppy with a really deep voice, and has a knack for self-deprecation (“I’ll stop waffling!”)” and The Daily Edge who also stated “George’s knack for illustrating the guest’s path to musical fame without it sounding like an extensive (and tedious) CV means you’re relatively invested in the musician as a person, long before we reach the pinnacle of the podcast – their success.”

Oh my 😁 George Ezra & Friends has been nominated at the British Podcast Awards. And the Listeners' Choice is down to you…

Gepostet von George Ezra am Freitag, 19. April 2019

The 10th and most recent episode of season 2 featuring Sir Tom Jones aired in February. As there were 12 episodes in the first season, more could be due but have simply been put on hold as George spent the March touring the UK and will also be touring Europe this month – not to mention his headlining slot at Neighbourhood Weekender!

George Ezra & Friends has been nominated for a Spotlight Award and can also be voted for by YOU in the Listeners’ Choice Award. Voting began on Monday 8th April and will close at 17:00 on Wednesday 15th May. The winner will be announced at the British Podcast Awards on Saturday 18th May.

The British Podcast Awards were established in 2017 following the grand rise in podcasts’ popularity. The ceremony will take place at King’s Place, London and will be hosted by comedian/actress Cariad Lloyd.