Festivals across the country are trying their best to reduce plastic at events and Neighbourhood Weekender is no different. These are the measures we’re going to to help you have an enjoyable and environmentally-friendly Bank Holiday Weekend:

No single-use plastic bottles will be sold onsite

All soft drinks available from the main bars and concessions will be sold in cans.

Bring your own bottle

We encourage all our attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles which can be refilled at our free water points. However, they must be emptied upon arrival.

Compostable/biodegradable cups available onsite

Remember, its important to stay hydrated so if you don’t have your own reusable bottle, we will be providing compostable/biodegradable cups too! These can also be refilled at our designated water points which can be found all over the festival ground. Our cleaning contractor will also separates all waste off site to maximize our recycling.


Want to go the extra mile? Why not look into car-sharing with others from your area, using public transport or booking on with the Big Green Coach Company