Apre, one of our latest additions to the line-up, have released the quirky music video for their latest single ‘Gap Year 2008’. The tune adds a refreshing twist to the production duo’s catalogue as they blend twanged acoustic guitar melodies with their signature mellow hip hop beats.

Carrying the concept of “getting away from reality to find yourself, but realising you were better off where you were”, the accompanying abstract video is set in an airport bathroom, subtly pointing out all the tedious parts about travelling. From tourists brandishing selfie sticks and heavy ruck sacks to sand getting everywhere

Apre are quickly becoming one of the most intriguing and imaginative bands on the scene as their surreal music and visuals are never dulled down.

‘Gap Year 2008’ follows on from October’s single ‘Backstreet’, both of which will form part of the final installment of their ‘introductory’ EP trilogy. The release date for the Gap Year EP is yet to be announced, but you can check out predecessors The Movement Of Time and Drum Machines Killed Music now.

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