“It was a pretty frightening time and so we made a pretty frightening album to match that. But we realised towards the end of the Columbia sessions that we didn’t want it to be all doom and gloom so we wrote ‘Rat'”

Last week, scuzz punks The Blinders rereleased their Stones-influenced bluesy jam ‘Rat In A Cage’ as its own single and shortly followed that up with a short music video-come-documentary giving an insight into the track themes as well as footage of them recording Columbia, the album it features on.

The first minute features a voice over from the band giving a direct narrative to the album and how this track in particular captures the essence of hope during the dark times society was in during writing. Contrasting the themes of other songs (terror attacks, Trump’s election and Brexit) with ‘Rat In A Cage’s lyrics based on Napoleon’s speeches and the early ambitions of the animals in Orwell’s Animal Farm, The Blinders rounded off the album on high note.

Columbia is the Doncaster trio’s debut album, released in September 2018 and recieving high praise across the board. Clash stated “It’s infectious, with bombastic drum beats, western twangs and jangly yet searing guitar riffs getting you ready to dance, mosh or start a revolution.”, while The Skinny added “Aside from the underlying controversial topics and cleverly worded anger at the current climate, The Blinders offer a sultry and mysterious vibe to their sound that is carried throughout Columbia.”

Catch The Blinders’ set at Neighbourhood Weekender on Saturday 25th May!