Once again, Stoke’s own singer-songwriter Average Joe is proving that he’s more talented than his name suggests.

His latest single ‘FFS’, which premiered on Clash on Friday, opens up the discourse of communication within relationships, conflicting abrasive and brutish rapped lyrics layered over slow, swung melodies with skill.

He stated “‘FFS’ is about how text messaging is a sh*t way of communicating anything heart-felt. It was written after a bust up with the missus and needed to let off some steam. The video is about how even if you’re surrounded by friends/family and help is staring you in the face, it can still be hard to share your feelings sometimes, especially if your heart is in turmoil… sometimes even the pub can’t help!”

The music video (Directed by Natalie Willatt and Daniel Wiggins) confirms just that has he can be seen wallowing in his local, going unnoticed by the crowded room. Watch it below…


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