Earlier this year, dream-pop quartet Anteros spent three consecutive days in the Moroccan desert with the critically acclaimed director Bella Howard (Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa) to work on their first music video trilogy. Last week they finally released the final segment.

The conceptual narrative began in August with ‘Call Your Mother’; a bass-heavy indie-pop track that’s laced with subtle shimmering riffs. The video sees vocalist Laura Hayden wake up alone in the desert surrounded by large pieces of reflective glass, while her bandmates awake in their van and find she’s missing. After struggling through the heat, she finally makes it back to them, seeing them shielding the sun with large circular mirrors like the broken one she woke up next to.

In October, ‘Ordinary Girl’ provided a black and white flashback to the band exploring the vast space and finding large circular mirrors scattered in the sand. This song is more of a simple, minor ballad driven by acoustic melodies with powerful beatdowns in the chorus.

Funky disco-pop track ‘Fool Moon’ is accompanied by a live video of the band surrounded by the circular mirrors. It premiered on Billboard on 5th December, with Hayden stating this video was her favourite to film: “I feel like performance videos come naturally enough, just performing the song live.”

These three singles will appear on Anteros’ debut album When We Land, due on 1st March and produced by Mercury Prize winner Charlie Andrew (Alt-J, Rae Morris, Bloc Party).